The Awards Committee manages the nomination and review of both the Postdoctoral Travel Awards and the UIPDA Mentoring Award. Postdoctoral Travel Awards are given out twice a year, and the UIPDA Mentoring Award nominations and winner are selected in the Spring. This award recognizes one outstanding faculty member that goes above and beyond to support an exceptional training environment. Are you interested in volunteering as a reviewer? Please contact Rachel Cole for more information!

Postdoctoral Travel Award

Information, Review Criteria, and Instructions

The UIPDA provides funding to assist postdoctoral scholars and fellows in presenting their research at non-local professional conferences, meetings, symposia, and other academic gatherings. The funds are provided by the Graduate College and allocated by the UIPDA Executive Committee and Council of College Representatives to deserving applicants. A maximum of $500 will be awarded for travel within North America and $750 for travel to Alaska, Hawaii, or international destinations. June 1st, 2021 is the deadline to apply for the Spring 2021 awards.

  • The spring travel awards will only be applicable to virtual conferences.  
  • Receive up to $500 for virtual conference expenses.
  • Applications for virtual conferences will be reviewed and considered for funding using similar criteria as regular travel award applications. Appropriate expenses are abstract submissions fees and registration fees. To apply, go here. 
  • The application deadline of June 1st, 2021 applies to conferences attended between January 1 - June 15, 2021.

To be eligible:

1. Applicant must be in a paid postdoctoral scholar (FP01) or fellow (FP02) status at the University of Iowa at the time of application, conference, and reimbursement. The travel award will be paid out in a lump sum through the University Payroll Office and will be considered taxable income and taxes will be withheld. Winners will receive a document prior to the tax season for reporting this income.

2. Applicant must have proof of abstract acceptance (including what type of presentation: poster or oral). Proof of expenses incurred or estimates of expected expenses are required. Before applicants receive the award, proof of expenses incurred will be requested if they were not already provided.

Travel awards are awarded primarily based on need, merit, and UIPDA involvement. Three UIPDA college representatives, executive board members, or committee members will score travel award applications based on the following eligibility and criteria.

Review Criteria:
1. Clear, concise, and complete application

2. Travel expenses for funding

  • Preference for higher expenses and/or outside of North America
  • Preference for individuals who have sought/acquired other funding sources

3. Preference for first-time presentation as a Postdoc

  • Preference for oral vs. poster presentation
  • Preference for poster presentation vs. only conference attendance (non-presenting)

4. Benefit of conference to career

  • Similarity between conference and research focus
  • Relevance of conference to career goals

5. Involvement in UIPDA

  • Serve on a committee
  • Attend UIPDA events

Three UIPDA college representatives, executive board members, or committee members will review applications and score the various criteria categories on a scale of 1-5 (1=lowest, 5=highest). The average of the total scores will be taken and that will be the score of the application. The reviewers will meet after all applications have been scored. The highest applications will be awarded. If too many applications have a high score, then a fourth member of the UIPDA leadership team will score the applications.


Outstanding Mentoring Award

The University of Iowa Postdoctoral Association invites nominations for the Outstanding Postdoctoral Mentor Award. This award recognizes one University of Iowa Faculty Member who serves as an effective mentor and advocates for postdocs. Successful nominees are mentors that contribute to the personal and professional growth of their mentees by providing intellectual leadership and a supportive environment that fosters creative and independent thinking. 

Recipients will receive a plaque of recognition and be formally recognized during the awards ceremony.

Faculty Member Nomination Criteria

The recipient of this award is a faculty member who has shown exellence and effectiveness in activities such as:

1. Addressing mutually agreed upon expectations and goals

2. Focusing on maintaining relationships of trust and mutual respect with postdocs

3. Displaying sensitivity to a postdoc's academic, scientific, and professional goals

4. Ensuring ethical standards of research

5. Providing training that enhances postdocs' professional and scientific career

6. Promoting attendance to professional conferences

7. Encouraging multiple career options that are accessible to postdocs

8. Guiding postdocs towards intellectual and professional independence

Nominations will be made by postdoctoral scholars and fellows. To nominate, fill out an application form describing your mentor's intellectual guidance, advising, advocacy, and professional development assistance. Click on the link below to start your application.

Outstanding Mentor Award Application form 

Applications are due by March 26, 2021. 

Please email the UIPDA with questions.