Andrew Jezewski, PhD

President (2022-2023)
Vice President (2021-2022)
Policy & Advocacy Committee Chair (2019-2021)

Andrew Jezewski, Ph.D. is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Krysan Lab in the Stead Family Department Pediatrics at the University of Iowa. Andrew completed his Ph.D. work characterizing mechanisms of antimalarial drug resistance and investigating antiglycolytic therapies for the treatment of malaria under the mentorship of Audrey John at Washington University in Saint Louis. His current work aims to understand the role of carbon dioxide tolerance as a requirement for cryptococcal virulence. Andrew is the the current Vice President and recently administered and analyzed our 2020 UIPDA Postdoc Survey. Outside of research, Andrew enjoys tending to his greenhouse and garden, college football, biking, and being outdoors.