Bertha Martin, PhD

President (2023-2024)

Department: Neuroscience and Pharmacology

Lab: Dr. Jon Resch

I completed my PhD in 2020, in the Anatomy and Cell Biology Department, Carver College of Medicine UIowa.  

My graduate research project focused the innate immune system, renal physiology in Defining the pathophysiology of C3 Glomerulopathy (C3G) – an ultra-rare complement mediated kidney disease.  Currently as a Postdoctoral research scholar in the Resch Lab, in a new field of science, my project is focused on neuroscience, pharmacology, mapping the neural control of energy expenditure and metabolism. 

Outside of research I enjoy knitting, baking, caring for my diverse indoor nature plants, exploring national shrines in the Midwest and nature walks in state parks and waterfalls of Iowa. 

Being part of UIPDA, personally, is to strengthen my previous leadership skills. It is an opportunity to nurture my previous leadership skills, improve, grow and share the values postdoctoral scholars/fellows contribute to research. Additionally, build on the current skills through professional and career development.