Divya Rathi, PhD

Secretary/Treasurer (2023-2024)

Department: Molecular Physiology & Biophysics

Lab: Dr. Kevin P. Campbell

I received my Bachelor & Master of Science in Botany from Miranda House (Delhi University) , and a doctoral degree in legume stress biology from the National Institute of Plant Genome Research (Jawaharlal Nehru University) in 2019. Currently I am working with Prof. Kevin Campbell as a postdoctoral fellow and putting my efforts towards comprehending the world of muscular dystrophy, particularly dystroglycanopathies. Though my transition from plant to animal sciences was/is challenging, I believe that the essence of science remains the same, be it any organism. And it is especially satisfying to be able to contribute directly to a better understanding of human diseases.

I love being in the nature and reading about life and philosophy. I love animals of all kinds and I wish I could spend my entire day on an animal farm.

Postdoctoral fellows contribute majorly to the scientific progress of their respective labs. Academically speaking, their positions are sensitive and usually subject to unexpected fluctuations. I believe we can thrive better if we function together. University of Iowa has a huge population of postdoctoral fellows, of diverse scientific and cultural backgrounds. UIPDA position is not just an opportunity to interact with all of them, but also for working towards a better postdoctoral environment.