Laura Dean, PhD

Vice President (2023-2024)

Department:  Occupational and Environmental Health, College of Public Health

Lab:  Hans-Joachim Lehmler

My research has focused primarily on the toxicity of PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) by examining alterations of the gut microbiome and metabolite levels. Currently, I'm working on understanding the effects of extreme heat on lung function by examining alterations in inflammatory pathways, cytokine levels, and different measures of lung function. Outside of research, I enjoy spending time with my family (including my two dogs and cat), painting, and volunteering at high school football games. The UIPDA helps give postdocs a voice around campus. Many times, postdocs are unsure where they fall when it comes to different resources around campus. The UIPDA allows us to share different resources that are available and create a community to support the needs of postdocs across campus.